Just Pie Mysteries

Just Pie is the name of the bakery where junior investigator, Eryn, does most of her observing. Every mystery addresses an ethical issue, and together they form a mystery of their own.

The Mystery of the Missing Ministers

When two ministers vanish from the Beehive, Eryn finds herself hired as a junior investigator tasked with discovering why.

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The Secret of the Scavengers’ Skulls

When an ancient skull disappears from an archaeological site, Eryn soon finds herself on a journey of discovery into the past.

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The Jaws of the Crooked Croc Customs Caper

How did the smuggler bring those cute baby reptiles into the country?

Book 3 – Coming soon

The Paradox of the Immoral Judges

For Eryn, the kidnap of a well-regarded judge, brings her on the trail of a controversial case that shakes everybody’s emotions.

Book 4 – Coming soon

The Matter of the Primary Dealer

Who is supplying the primary school with mind-altering substances?

Book 5 – Coming soon

The Question of the Juror’s Confession

What did the juror know that could alter the outcome of the trial?

Book 6 – Coming soon

The Concern of the Corrupted Coroner

Who would steal a body from the autopsy table?

Book 7 – Coming soon

The Puzzle of the Proprietor’s Performance

Is it all about looks for the owner of the film school?

Book 8 – Coming soon

The Incident of the Caitiff’s Death

What did the coward do to deserve his untimely demise?

Book 9 – Coming soon

The Affair of the Unsuccessful Retreat

Is it worth sacrificing everything for an award and does hope spring eternal?

Book 10 – Coming soon

The Case of the Body in the Building Code

Accidental death or negligence? And who will prevent the next case?

Book 11 – Coming soon

The Apogee of the Elusive Truth

Were all those mysteries worth finding this ultimate revelation?

Book 12 – Coming soon

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