Welcome to the website of Gina Poekeleen. Book two of the mystery series Just Pie is now available.

Both print and eBook copies (both ePub and kindle) can be ordered directly via the links on the page.

The location:

Wellington, Aotearoa

The bakery, the agency and the homes of the characters are fictitious, but everything else about the location is true. After all, it is the ‘coolest little capital’ in the world.

Each book is a mystery for the agents of Pi and Co., which specializes in missing objects. In book one, those objects are ministers of government. The Just Pie bakery is where they do most of their thinking.

Together Smarter

My grandfathers playing chess in the early seventies.

The real mystery is people. In order to find missing objects, you have to understand why they disappeared. What motivates people to act? At Pi and Co., each agent has different natural talents, and they need each other for everything else. The solution to all conflict lies in understanding people.

Thank you for reading